In Search of a New Beginning

A talk by Fr. Julián Carrón, President of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, on the Catholic contribution to the quest for human identity in front of the challenges of our times.

“What does Jesus do to reawaken women and men, to raise them up from this situation? He encounters them, puts before them a human presence that is not reduced–His own. Only the impact with Him, with His presence, with the clear awareness that He has of Himself, with His capacity to understand the density and expectation of the heart, can reawaken their humanity, their perception of the importance of their need, and consequently enable them not to waste time seeking solutions that cannot respond adequately. For this reason, Fr. Giussani insists that “the solution of the problems life sets before us every day does not happen by directly facing the problems, but examining more deeply the nature of the subject who faces them.’”
Fr. Julián Carrón, 2014

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