Longing for the Sea and yet NOT Afraid

January 15-17, 2016
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W. 18th Street, NYC

We embark on the journey of life spurred by a promise of happiness in our heart. But then, fear of the unknown makes us hesitant, especially if the destination is not certain. Desire choked by fear appears to be the common experience of our time. 

We strive to build relationships and overcome divisions, and yet we end up stifling true dialogue, due to preconceptions or conformity to the demands of political correctness. We dream of achieving greatness in some dimension of our lives, and yet we settle for a comfortable life. We ache for something new (and constantly check our smart phones in expectation), and yet we abhor events that are out of our control. We crave stability, but we are unsure that what is true today will still be true tomorrow. We strive to be more “mindful” in the present, and yet our mind is always fleeing from the here and now. We desire belonging, and yet we dread relinquishing our freedom. We long to encounter a lover, a friend, a father who will break through our radical solitude, and yet we are afraid of losing ourselves. 

We long to sail on the sea of life and yet we are afraid of leaving our safe harbor. 

What is the final word on man’s desire? Is there an attraction capable of overcoming our fears and drawing us out to the open waters that our hearts yearn for? 

We invite you to a weekend of public discussion, exhibits, and live performances to encounter people who are not afraid to follow the desire of their hearts.

The ‘I’ finds itself again when it encounters a presence that brings this announcement:
‘What your heart is made for does exist!’
— Luigi Giussani