May You Never Be Content" -- Msgr. Luigi Giussani's Legacy

Eyewitness accounts of Fr. Giussani’s life commemorating the 10th anniversary of his death by Elizabeth Peralta, student at Saint Francis College, Kim Shankman, Dean of Benedictine College, Archibald Spencer, Professor o, Northwest Baptist Theological Seminary, Canada, and John Waters, journalist.

“Christ, this is the name that indicates and defines a reality I have encountered in my life. I have encountered: I heard of it when I was a child, as a boy, and so on. It is possible to grow up knowing the word “Christ” well, but for many people He is not encountered. He is not really experienced as being present. In my case, Christ “bumped into” my life, my life “bumped into” Christ, precisely, so that I should learn to understand that He is the central point of everything, of the whole of my life.

Christ is the life of my life.

In Him is summed up all that I would desire, all that I look for, all that I sacrifice, all that develops in me out of love for the people with whom He put me, that is, out of love for you. As Moeller said in a sentence I have quoted many times, “I think I could no longer live if I no longer heard Him speak”. Perhaps it is one of the sentences I’ve remembered most in my life.”
Luigi Giussani, 1997

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