Will You Be My Life's Companion? The Lived Experience of Marriage in Light of Karol Wojtyla's The Jeweler's Shop

A Well-Read Mom presentation with Paige Sanchez, Associate Superintendent of Mission Effectiveness, Archdiocese of New York, and Stephen Sanchez, Director of ComUnidad Juan Diego.

The Jeweler’s Shop was completed in 1960 while Karol Wojtyła (who became Pope John Paul II) was Bishop in Poland. This play is a meditation on the love between spouses understood as a visible presence of God’s love in and for the world. It can be said that Karol Wojtyła had always been occupied with understanding the human person in terms of love because love reveals the meaning of the person. As a young priest, Karol Wojtyła “learned to love human love” and understood the experience of love as the simple and universal gateway through which everyone can pass in order to gain an awareness of what makes a person truly human.

In this talk, a young married couple reflects on their reading of this play in light of their own experience of marriage.

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