An Encounter that Reawakens Life’s Promise

Sunday, January 15, 2017
3:15 pm | Second floor

Stories of a life-changing encounter with Tom Leopold, Writer and Comedian

- - -

In a sequence of his film Andrei Rubliev, Tarkovski has one of his characters say, 'You know very well: you fail at something, you are tired and you can take no more. And suddenly in the crowd you meet a person's gaze-a human gaze-and it is as if a hidden divine presence had approached you. And suddenly everything becomes simpler.' The Christian event shows itself, reveals itself in the encounter with the superficiality, the shallowness and the apparent inconsistency of a face in the crowd, a face like all the others yet so different from the others that, when you meet it, it is as if everything becomes simple. You see it for an instant and as you walk away you carry the impact of that gaze within you, as if to say, 'I would like to see that face again!'
~Fr. Giussani, Address to a group of university students, 1992)


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