The Awakened Heart

Saturday, January 14, 2017
8:00 pm | Second floor
The Human Adventure Series


A debut screening of an award-winning documentary about Crecemos, an education and nutrition center in Oaxaca, Mexico, supported by AVSI

The short (18-minute) documentary will be presented by co-directors Giovanni Morricone and Simonetta d’Italia who will share the reasons for making the film and what they discovered in the process. Maria del Socorro del Rio, Executive Director of Crecemos, will also be present to answer questions about the work of Crecemos and the educational method they use. This event is sponsored by AVSI-USA. 
“The Awakened Heart” brings viewers into the home of 10  year old Carlitos, providing a glimpse of what life is like in a marginalized urban slum plagued by violence, addiction and the pull of migration to the north. The accompaniment provided by the staff of Crecemos and the opportunities offered have enabled Carlitos to grow in body, mind and spirit. 
Crecemos is an independent, community based organization providing direct services in and around the city of Oaxaca in central Mexico. Crecemos is part of the AVSI Foundation network and is supported by AVSI-USA.

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