A Love Supreme

Friday, February 15, 2019
9:00 PM | AUDITORIUM, Ground FLOOR | Flyer


An evening of music featuring compositions by jazz legend John Coltrane

— — —
Sam Dillon (tenor sax), Andrea Domenici (piano), Billy Drummond (drums), and Fabrizio Sciacca (bass) follow the profound artistic and life journey of this incomparable American master.

— — —

“... At the same time, this very unease reveals something in us. Something that feels the lack, aches for meaning, and recognizes the truth, like a tuning fork vibrating for its single, unmistakable note”.

Coltrane was one of those geniuses who by taking seriously this unease dedicated his life to the pursue of that unmistakable note, that ultimate promise of happiness and fulfillment. For Coltrane, there was “never any end” in this quest for beauty and truth. He was consumed by this unstoppable search for the embrace of the Infinite, that Love Supreme of his most famous suite. Because of the radical earnestness he had his desire of fulfillment, fifty years after his death, Coltrane remains a true companion for all those who are seeking meaning in life. As we are reminded by Ken Burns in one of his extraordinary documentaries, Coltrane is one of geniuses humanity should always be grateful to have met and be thankful for the pain they endured in their quest for Truth and Love.

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Featured image: American Jazz Saxophonist John Coltrane | Photo by Hugo van Gelderen, ANeFo, Dutch National Archives