Alejandro Marius

Alejandro Marius is founder and president of the Venezuelan civil association Work & Person since 2009 and is the winner of the 2015 “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” award from the Schwab Foundation / Foundation Without Limits of Venezuela. He is a member of the Ashoka International Network of Social Entrepreneurs, a member of the board of directors of the Italian-Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce, founder and acting president of the Association CDO (Company of Works) of Venezuela, and a consultant and trainer on topics related to social entrepreneurship and the creation and management of cooperative International projects. Alejandro is the Spanish translator of the Italian “Handbook of Innovation,” published by the University of Buenos Aires and is author of “Critical Factors of Success for Customer Relationship Management.”  An electronics engineer with a Masters in Information Systems from the Univerisity Simón Bolívar, Alejandro was born in Uruguay in 1971 and has lived in Venezuela since 1978.  He is married with 4 daughters.  He can be found on LinkedIn at