Dan Jusino

Dan Jusino has over 30 years of Workforce Development experience specifically tailored to address the needs of the formerly incarcerated.  Throughout his tenure, Mr. Jusino has developed curriculum, provided technical assistance and lead nonprofit organizations.  He worked at STRIVE National, South Forty Corp., the Vera Institute of Justice and Elm City Youth Build before starting EMERGE Connecticut, Inc., a social enterprise dedicated to building the skills ex-offenders in New Haven through hands on training and on-going holistic support.  Having had his own brushes with the law as a young man growing up in Harlem, Dan’s goal is to give EMERGE’s participants what someone once gave him:  an opportunity to experience a different life.  His passion and dedication to the success of former offenders has propelled him to partner with like-minded organizations and leaders in an effort to ensure life, liberty, and economic security to each participant who walks through EMERGE’s doors.  Dan’s vision and leadership has led EMERGE to the high standard of outcomes they experience today.