Dario Snaidero

Dario Snaidero, President and CEO of Snaidero USA, was born on March 13, 1953 in Majano, Italy.

 The son of Snaidero R. S.p.A founder Rino Snaidero, he studied at the University of Trieste and served as the President of the Snaidero Basketball Team, distinguishing himself as the youngest leader in the league. In 1979, he earned a Doctorate in Political Science, with honors, from the University, and immediately joined his fathers company as an executive manager in charge of international marketing. 

During his first year with the company, Dario had visions of a future in America. He opened an office and assembly facility in Toronto (Canada) to serve the entire North American region.  This successful initiative was then followed by a 10 year partnership in Japan.

In 1985, Dario introduced a revolutionary kitchen design concept, IDEA, which catapulted the small Italian manufacturer to international acclaim.   Since then, Snaidero has formed alliances with leading industrial designers and architects such as Michele Marcon, Gae Aulenti, Lucci & Orlandini Design, and Ferrari stylist Pininfarina, to create original, outstanding kitchen designs.

For Dario, the international market is one of constant change and ever challenging demands, with growing importance year after year.   Dario’s influence on the international marketplace can be noticed all over the world—in Finland, Israel, France, Korea, Russia, and of course the U.S. Through hard work and dedication to his business, he created a global market founded on Italian design, technology, and quality. 

In 1997, Dario made a strategic decision to follow his passion and first love, the U.S. Market - without a doubt the most difficult market, but one that brings great rewards and satisfaction.  He moved with his family to Los Angeles, California, headquarters of Snaidero USA, and began consolidating the U.S., Canada, and Central American operations under one roof for direct control and efficient customer service. Snaidero USA networks counts as today 21 showrooms.

Dario also quickly established Snaidero USA as a leader in the luxury multi-housing market. Starting with Bristol Towers on prestigious Brickell Avenue in Miami, Florida in 1992, today Snaidero USA has completed more than 160 projects, and most recently with the new Jade Signature in Miami, Snaidero is the kitchen of choice for hundreds of luxurious tower projects across North America. 

Today, Dario has settled into his Los Angeles lifestyle with his wife Anna Paola and his son Alberto who joined the Company in 2010 continuing the family tradition.