Efrain Hernandez


Efrain Hernandez is associate director and co-founder of Reconnect Brooklyn, an organization serving disconnected young men in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.  A lifelong resident of Bed-Stuy, Efrain has grown to be a leader among his peers who have struggled with the consequences of intergenerational poverty. After he himself experienced a period of incarceration and the birth of his first child, Efrain committed his life to creating positive change through the establishment of social enterprises and a network of support for other young men searching for transformation.  Efrain is the founding director of Reconnect Café and has developed a successful business which has served as the initial point of reconnection and employment for over 150 young men since 2011.  Efrain currently lives in Manhattan with his wife, and is a serious sports fan, especially loving the Brooklyn Nets and his inspiration, Lebron James.