Harold Korell

Harold Korell is Chairman of the Board at Southwestern Energy in Houston, TX.

Korell, a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines with a Professional Degree in Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering, began his career with Mobil Oil Corporation and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the states of Texas and Colorado.   Mr. Korell serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board of the Walton College at the University of Arkansas and the Board of Governors of the Colorado School of Mines.

Korell is a representative of a unique economic reality, entirely built on the concept that economic life finds its roots in the reality of the human person. He served as the CEO of Southwestern Energy from 1998 through early 2010.  He currently is the Chairman of the Board of Southwestern Energy. Southwestern Energy is one of the top ten companies in the U. S. oil and gas exploration and production business with a $13 billion enterprise value. The company ranked 49th on the Forbes 200 Best Small Companies in 2005 and grew to one of the 400 Best Big Companies of 2009.  During the period of 2000 to 2010, Southwestern Energy was the top performing company in the S&P 500 in total shareholder return.  He and his company discovered one of the nation’s biggest natural gas fields in Arkansas, thanks to the curiosity that Mr. Korell has lived by. This innate curiosity and the attraction for reality have played a fundamental role in his job and his life.