Marta Cartabia

Vice-President of the Constitutional Court of Italy. Marta Cartabia, married, three children, is full professor of constitutional law and member of the Italian Constitutional Court (appointed September 2011, by President Giorgio Napolitano). 

Since her PhD in Law (European University Institute 1993), she specialized in Italian and European Constitutional Law, Constitutional Justice and Protection of Fundamental Rights. 
She taught in a number of Italian Universities and was visiting scholar and professor in France, Spain, Germany and US.

From 2006 to 2010 served as an independent expert to the "Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union” - FRALEX - Vienna. 

She was Inaugural Fellow at Straus Institute for Advanced Study in Law and Justice (New York University, USA 2009-10) and Clynes Chair in Judicial Ethics at Notre Dame University, Indiana, USA (2012).

She is a member of the Associazione italiana dei costituzionalisti and she seats in the scientific board of a number of academic legal journals. She was among the founders and is at present Editor in Chief (with Giacinto della Cananea) of the Italian Journal of Public Law, the first Italian legal journal edited in English. 

Among her publications in English: 
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- Democracy and Subsidiarity in the EU, M. Cartabia, N. Lupo, A. Simoncini eds, Bologna, Il Mulino 2013.