Mikhail Nikolayevich Odnoralov

Mikhail Odnoralov

Russian painter, Mikhail Nikolayevich Odnoralov (born 1944), one of the most active participants of the non-conformist art movement of 1960-1980. One of the most striking and outstanding representatives of the Moscow underground, the participant of the famous “Bulldozer Exhibition” (exhibition of Moscow nonconformist painters, destroyed with bulldozers in September, 1974), Odnoralov was forced to leave the Soviet Union in 1980. Having experienced the influence of Robert Falk, Mark Chagall and surrealist painters, Odnoralov produced the original principle of organization of the picturesque and semantic space of his still lifes.

Mikhail Odnoralov has lived and worked in United States of America during the last three decades.