Mila Villaceran

Mila Rose Villaceran is currently a Patient Care Advocacy Case Manager at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where she joined in June of 2016. Mila started her nursing career as a Licensed Practical nurse at the age of 19 at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center.  After completing her RN degree, she continued working at TCC and briefly at Mary Manning Walsh Home as a Charge Nurse.  She also became a Nurse Consultant for the Visiting Nurse Services of New York MLTC CHOICE wherein she did home visits for the elderly and patients with chronic illnesses.  Mila was then asked to come back to TCC as a Case Manager wherein she did Concurrent Utilization Review and Discharge Planning.  She then got an opportunity to work at VNSNY as a Home Care Consultant at the Hospital for Special Surgery.  In this role, Mila assessed and set up the home care services for patients post surgery.  She took on these various roles while completing her studies from being a Licensed Practical Nurse at 19 to being a Family Nurse Practitioner at 27.