Wael Farouq

Wael Farouq was born in Cairo, Egypt. He was assistant professor for Islamic studies at the Copto-Catholic Faculty of Theology in Cairo, Egypt (2005-2008). He has been a visiting professor at the Faculty of Law, Macerata University (Italy) since 2005 and professor at the Arab Language Institute at the American University in Cairo since 2006. 

He is a columnist in several Arab and Italian newspapers and magazines and President of the Tawasul cultural center for inter-civilization dialogue. 

The primary area of his research interest is the language of Islamic culture (literature, philosophy, and religion) in which he has published several researches, among them "Alle Radici Della Ragione Araba" (Roots of the Arabic Reason) in Dio Salvi la Ragione, Cantagalli 2007, "Radici storiche e linguistiche della Sharia islamica" (Linguistical and historical roots of the Islamic Law), Macerata University 2007, "The language of Islamic Philosophy, a textual study of the Encyclopedia of Ikhwan Al-Safa – Purity brothers" Cairo 2008, " La ragione come atto" (Reason as an act) in Nuntium 2008/2-3 and "Islamic law and challenge of the modernity: Conformity and conflict", Cairo 2010.