2017 Kids' Corner

The Kids' Corner is back at New York Encounter 2017!

Saturday and Sunday
10:30—11:45 | 2:30—3:45 ǀ 4:30—5:45

Each day we'll share a snack together at 4 p.m.

Kids' Corner is a simple and beautiful way to answer the needs of families who bring their kids to the Encounter.  More than a “drop off” place, the Kids' Corner is a place of encounters—where kids can play together and parents from all parts of the world can meet and talk.

During the day there are activities organized by parents: art, crafts, singing, and storytelling.  For children 6 and older, guided tours will be given of the exhibit on the American Saints, especially geared for them!  

The Kids' Corner is open to all kids, with the older ones helping the little ones. One of the mom's who came to Kids' Corner last year shared: “'The Kids' Corner was the occasion of meeting moms and families from other states. Immediately it was a familiar place. We shared many beautiful moments with the children that I kept with me the whole year long, back home in Indiana.”

*Children at Kid's Corner must be accompanied by a parent/caregiver at ALL times.