Saturday, January 13, 2018
12:45 Pm | Auditorium, Second floor
The Human Adventure Series
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Eye witness accounts by Fr. Pigi Bernareggi, missionary priest in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Rose Busingye, founder of the International Meeting Point in Kampala, Uganda, moderated by Franciscan Friar of the Renewal Father Solanus Benfatti, professor of spirituality and Franciscan traditions, St. Joseph’s Seminary, Archdiocese of New York; co-sponsored by AVSI-USA.

Speakers will recount their works for the poor and the sick in Brazil and Uganda.

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“Living is sharing. The law of life is charity. We desire to educate ourselves to this law.” Indeed, to aid others in their need “is still incomplete. What do others need? Putting it in these terms is ambiguous because it depends upon what we think others need. And what if what I bring is not what the others really need?  I do not know what they need. I cannot gauge it. I do not have it. I do not have the means to gauge it. Only God has the means to gauge it. He is Being and He spends eternity sharing Himself, putting himself in common […] and only Christ told this to us with such certainty and decisiveness, in a metaphysical way.” […] And whoever dedicates him or herself to others in the name of ‘justice,’ perhaps ‘social justice,’ without knowing that the meaning of persons is eternal, without believing in God, ends up politically being a raging agitator or a maniac. […] Exactly because we love them, exactly because we share ourselves with them, we do not make them happy. And not even the most perfect society, the most legally well-founded organism, the most colossal amount of wealth, the most unassailable good health, the purest beauty, the most highly ‘educated’ civilization could ever make them happy. Christ makes them happy. He is the reason for everything, the One who made everything: God.” In so doing, “I find that Christ is the meaning of life."

Alberto Savorana, The Life of Luigi Giussani, McGill, 2017, page 249-250

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