Volunteers for New York Encounter still needed


The participation at the NYE as volunteers is more than attending meetings or visiting exhibits; it is belonging to a people, as Fr. Jose keeps reminding us. Therefore, we invite you all to offer your time and passion to help the NYE as volunteers.

We need volunteers in many areas, but particularly we need at least another 25 people for the Fri Morning (from 8:00 am through 12:00 noon) setup. 

If you cannot make it at 8:00 am it would helpful if you could arrive to the NYE site even later than 8:00 am. Please let us know your availability at the email address of the NYE Volunteers:  volunteers@newyorkencounter.org
The deadline for the enrollment is Dec 31. Please note: after this date will be very difficult to arrange tasks and duties for new volunteers.
You can enroll by filling in the online form at: Volunteer Application Form. 

Paolo Caimi and Sal Francomacaro, NYE Volunteer Coordinators