Seeking the Human Face through Film

One of the proposed events at the 2015 Encounter will center on Hollywood and how the film industry deals with the theme of Identity.

To introduce that event and to facilitate a more wide ranging discussion on the theme of Identity, we have proposed a series of films with the title "Seeking the Human Face through Film."

Naturally, we have no claim to exhaust the countless number of films centering on Identity.  We simply hope that people will view some of these suggested films - in private or public - as a way of sparking conversation on the topic as we prepare for New York Encounter.  To this end, we have provided a viewing guide with a brief introduction to each film and some discussion questions to educate viewers to become critically attentive to some of the issues that the movies raise. 

You can download the document by clicking here: Seeking the Human Face through Film--Crossroads Cultural Center's Suggestions for Viewing and Discussion by Simonetta d’Italia Wiener and Barbara Gagliotti.