New York Encounter 2019 Professional Corner


The New York Encounter Professional Corner, sponsored by Ferrero, is a proposal born out of the desire of few professionals across different fields to help people who need direction in their careers.

Work is a key part of life that is worth sharing and discussing, and in which help is always welcome. As vocation is our response to the provocations of reality, all jobs contribute to the common good. Each of us is called to a specific profession, prompted by our personal interests and talents, and by reality itself.

Throughout the New York Encounter’s weekend, a group of professionals from different areas (e.g., Corporate, Education, Academia, Healthcare, and Social Services) will be available in the New York Encounter Professional Corner to share their experience with anyone who needs advice for their career. Specifically, advice can be sought by young people who are entering the job market and may need direction; or it can be sought by those who already have a job but need help on changing direction or identifying their next step.

Advice and Short Talks

The New York Encounter Professional Corner will open on Friday evening at 6:30 pm and stay open throughout the weekend.

Advice may be sought one-on-one or in small groups. For small groups, we recommend that the group size does not exceed 4-5 people.

At various moments during the weekend, senior professionals will share short witnesses about their careers in brief 10-minute talks, followed by Q & A (and possibly a coffee to continue the conversation, as needed!).

If you are interested, seek out the New York Encounter Professional Corner, sponsored by Ferrero at New York Encounter.

Short Talks

Saturday, 2/16/2019 | 1:15 pm

Key work experience during college and how to write your first resume

Organization and Talent Manager, Ferrero

Feng is an HR professional with international experience and currently leads talent management for Ferrero in Unites States. She will lead a conversation about the most relevant experience worth undertaking during college for a future professional career and how to write a resume that can stand up in the midst of many others.

Saturday, 2/16/2019 | 3:15 pm

Tenure-track, Non-tenure track, and Academic Tenure: An Insider’s View

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Senior Vice Provost for Administration and Dean of Graduate Studies at The Catholic University of America

The tenure status of a faculty member is perhaps the most important way to characterize faculty positions, and it is often a source of great anxiety and uncertainty in the early part of an academic career. Join us for a wide-ranging discussion on the advantages/disadvantages of tenure- and non-tenure track positions and on the overall tenure process in academia.

Saturday, 2/16/2019 | 5:30 pm

Why I Became a Doctor – My Story

Associate Professor of Oncology, Department of Surgery & Oncology, Jewish General Hospital, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

What is it that urges us to care for others? How do we offer effective medical care that is adequate to the patients and their needs? How do we combine clinical practice and research? Please join us to hear from Dr. Mark Basik—breast cancer surgeon, oncologist, and clinical researcher—his story and to learn what makes his everyday work the fulfillment

of his decision to become a doctor.

Sunday, 2/17/2019 | 1:15 pm

Work as new possibility of knowledge of reality

Director of Thermal Dynamics in Aerospace Industry, Los Angeles

How does work become a possibility for new knowledge even when it is about a detail as small as a switch? In the face of a problem, the first questions are: “Do I know everything? What is missing? What does what I learned today tell me?”

Sunday, 2/17/2019 | 3:15 pm

Is it possible to discover our identity at work?

CEO, Neri North America Lighting Design, Miami, FL

Is it possible to discover more of our identity through our job? Can I truly be myself at work, and not having to adapt to a stereotype? How the relationship with customers can become an adventure of knowledge.

Featured image: Lewis Hine, A worker constructing the Empire State Building in 1930, overlooking the Chrysler Building in the background, 1929 | US-PD, via Wikimedia Commons