New York Encounter 2019

New York Encounter 2019
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2019 Proceedings

Crossroads Cultural Center in partnership with New York Encounter has published the transcripts from the 2019 events. To download the free copy in PDF format, please click on the cover image.

The transcripts feature the following events:

  • A Blossom in the Desert

  • An Epidemic of Loneliness

  • "Do Not Be Afraid to Set Your Sights Higher" (Pope Francis)

  • Beyond the the Farthest Reaches

  • An Irreducible Expectation

  • Poetry: The Language of Human Longing

  • "When I Cannot Sing My Heart, I Can Only Speak My Mind"

  • The Education of the Heart

  • "I Just Happen to Love Ordinary Things"

  • Something is Happening Here

  • A New Beginning. Life in the Aftermath of a Massacre

  • Born to Never Die

New York Encounter 2019:
Final Statement (PDF)

“An explosion of life.” This is how poet Paul Mariani, one of the 39 guest speakers at the 11th edition of New York Encounter, described what he saw happening at the Metropolitan Pavilion. More than 330 volunteers, coming from all over the US at their own expense, made the Encounter possible and able to welcome, free of charge, 13,300 people who packed 19 conferences, visited four exhibits, enjoyed three shows, and dined at the food court. Besides the now popular Kids’ Corner, where children from 3 to 10 got involved in various activities, new this year were the Professional Corner, where visitors could meet with senior professionals in various areas and ask for career development advice, and A Space of Encounter, where people could know more about the life of Communion and Liberation that generates the Encounter.


2019 Raffle Winners:


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Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete’s first posthumous book will be available at New York Encounter 2019

It is with great pleasure that we present Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete’s first posthumous book. Lorenzo had a flair for the dramatic, but even in his youth he had a profound sense of what was at stake in the Christian claim: It is either true, for each of us, and it changes everything or “let’s pack it all up and go to the movies.” Join us in celebrating the great gift of the Mystical Monsignor and delve deeply with us into some of his most important writings.


2019 Papal Blessing

2019 Program Minute by Minute (PDF)

2019 Program at a Glance (PDF)

2019 Press Release

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Transcripts from the 2018 Events Are Available

Crossroads Cultural Center in partnership with New York Encounter has published the transcripts from the 2018 events. Click here to download a free copy in PDF format.


—The Gift of an Impossible Unity
—The Fundamental Economic Resource: the Human Person
—The Father: Who is He?
—An "Impossible" Beauty
—"...Drawn Near to a Hidden Divine Presence..." (Tarkovsky)
—Out of Many, One: Really?
—A Human Gaze, a History
—On Pilgrimage Toward Unity
—Abraham and the Birth of the "I"